Thursday, May 9, 2013

She's Not Really the Grumpy Old Troll...

Leah is at an interesting, kind of transitional age.  I know there are going to be a lot of transitional ages coming up, and this one is little and totally not a big deal.

But, she doesn't really like Dora any more.  

She says Dora is baby-ish.

Sometimes she'll watch it with her sisters, but it certainly isn't her preference.  

I know it's not a big deal (who are we kidding, Dora is a tiny bit annoying), but it's just interesting, I guess.

This doesn't, however, keep her from imitating the Grumpy Old Troll.

He's not a villain like that nasty ol' Swiper the Fox, but he's certainly not an amigo like Boots.

The Real Grumpy Old Troll:

Doesn't he look like he's suspicious?

Leah's Version:

Do you like the beard?  She came up with that herself!  She puts her arms out like he does and dances around singing the "I'm a Grumpy Old Troll..." song.

Here she is looking pretty in some awesome hand-me-downs from our friend, Nancy.

She looks just like summer <3

We went on a little mommy daughter date this afternoon.  Leah had an early release day for school.  She had been dying to go to the public library, so we went, and she checked out 4 Amelia Bedelia books.  We went to the coffee shop and played some Crazy 8 (she won both games), and then got some stuff at Walmart.

I love that even though she's grown out of Dora, there's a lot she hasn't grown out of...

Like, leaving pictures and notes for us.

Or singing really loud.

Or wanting us to watch her ride her bike really fast.

Or cuddling on the couch.

Or listening to us read out loud.

Or being happy to see us at school.

Or hanging out with her mama.

I'll gladly say goodbye to Dora as long as I get to keep the truly good stuff <3

Oh, and here's a link to the funniest Dora thing I've ever seen.  Enjoy!

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