Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Distinctives of a House Full of Girls

Remember when Leah wore this super cute outfit a couple of weeks ago?

She got grass stains on the knees which isn't a big deal.  They haven't come out yet, but I'm sure I can just bleach them.  

But, it occurred to me that this was the first time in over 7 years of being a mom that I've had to deal with grass stains.

I'm guessing that wouldn't be the case if there was a little boy in the house!

This got me to thinking about some things in our lives that are distinctive to having all daughters.

1. Toilet Paper.

The sheer amount of toilet paper that we go through on a regular basis is staggering.

Staggering, I tell you.

Plus they are toilet paper snobs (can't say I blame them), so it isn't cheap.

Maggie loves to find snug little spots by the toilet paper when we are shopping, so these pictures actually aren't posed, I just brought my camera :)

Anyway, I figure I'll make up for the extreme cost of toilet paper by not buying frozen pizza in bulk like I might if we had a house full of boys.

2.  Hair.

Also staggering is the obscene amount of hair in this house.

I can sweep the bathroom floor, and an hour or so later, there is hair all over it again.  

Hair is everywhere!

Seriously.  Everywhere!

Gracie has taken to whining about notifying me each time she has a stray hair on her hand or foot.  

How generous.

It is awfully beautiful on their heads, though!

3.  Bossiness.

Also known as excessive-amounts-of-good-ideas-that-you-simply-can't-bear-to-have-others-not-hear-and-comply-with.

We were visiting my parents once and my brother and sister-in-law came over.  Laurie mentioned that Charity was really looking forward to playing with Leah.

I said, "Oh, yeah, Leah probably bosses her around differently than Jonathan does."

Laurie offhandedly said, "Oh, Jonathan doesn't boss her around."

If my life was a Disney show, the sound effect of a needle scratching off of a record would have been heard.

I was shocked!  "You mean, he doesn't, like, tell her how to play or make her use his ideas or..." I sputtered.

"No," Laurie answered.  "None of the boys are bossy."

Y'all, I didn't know that they made kids that aren't bossy!  Did not know that kind even existed.

Leah, Maggie, and Gracie are all bossy.  I mean, Gracie was barely verbal and she was bossing Maggie around.  She'd toddle after her saying, "Mag-GIE!  Mag-GIE!  Mag-GIE!"

Plus, when the girls have been playing school lately, Leah immediately claims the roles of teacher, bus driver, and pretty much any person who is the boss.

And don't think Maggie is lost in the bossiness shuffle.  She certainly asserts her ideas.

Laurie went on to say that some of her friends have sons and daughters and generally speaking the girls were bossy and the boys weren't.  But, on the flip side, the bossy ones were mostly eager to help their younger siblings, while the non-bossy ones were more likely to be indifferent towards the new babies.

Obviously this is anecdotal and not scientific, but I've found that to be true at our house and in the families of friends as I've asked them about it.

I'll take the bossiness, though, because I really believe that when bossiness is redeemed and refined, it'll turn into leadership and initiative.

At least that's what I'm banking on :)

Sooooooo, back to those grass stains.  Any great tips for getting them out of clothes?

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