Monday, December 9, 2013

Maggie's Birthday Week!

It was a good week to be Maggie; she got to celebrate her birthday 3 times!

Her actual birthday was last Monday which is actually a school day for her.  It was another friend's birthday on Sunday, so he celebrated on Monday and Maggie got to celebrate on Thursday!

Anyway, Maggie got to open up her presents before school!

The great irony in the life of my daughters is that they are terrified of real dogs, but they love stuffed puppies!

She got a super cute outfit

and loved playing with some new Lalaloopsy girls.

I ran out and got doughnuts for breakfast...with sprinkles, of course!

On a side note, nothing says Happy Birthday to your sister quite like wearing a box and becoming Robot Head!

I got cupcakes at the store for Maggie's actual birthday!

They gave me some Lalaloopsy ring toppers instead of the candy can ones which was quite nice.  They would have replaced all of the candy canes, but I figured we didn't need a million (ok, 12) Lalaloopsy rings to keep track of.  They also picked out the same Lalaloopsy ring so we didn't have drama over who got which girl on their ring.

Walmart bakery customer service for the win!

Then, on Thursday, Aaron, Gracie, and I joined Maggie at school for lunch!

Her teacher does such a good job making the kids feel special on their birthday!  

On Saturday, the grandparents came which was a celebration in and of itself!

Maggie got lots of fun gifts!

Among other things, she got kitty bank from Auntie Mindy,

an adorable Minnie Mouse sweatshirt from Grandma Linda and Grandpa Chuck,

and a plush Lalaloopsy pet from Nana and Papa!

Leah happily read Maggie her cards

and was in on much of the gift opening.

We had a really yummy supper of pork tenderloin, rice, green beans, and apple nachos.

Maggie wanted a Lalaloopsy cake and even picked some girls and pets to put on it!

We had a great time celebrating an even greater girl <3

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