Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pre-Christmas Fun!

I'm baaaaaack!

We did lots of traveling around Christmas, had some people throwing up, but in spite of that, we had a great time with our family!

Here are some pictures of the fun little things we did leading up to Christmas!

Maggie had a concert at school!

She's so adorable!  Sometimes I forget that she has such cute dimples.  She loved singing in her concert and you could see her cute dimples from the audience!

The last day of school before Christmas break was cancelled due to icy conditions (like last year), so there was some snow day silliness!

The girls had a little Christmas concert at church that night.  The ice had melted and been managed by the afternoon, so all systems were "go" for that evening!

Maggie and her friend were so excited to be matching!  

Steph came over, and we decorated Christmas cookies on Saturday night!  We did the same thing last year, so it's become a fun little tradition!

I think making cut out sugar cookies is such a pain, and getting the royal icing just right is a pain, too.  

But, I LOVE decorating them so much that it's TOTALLY worth it!  I seriously think it's so relaxing to squeeze the icing out of the bottle.  

Ahhhh...<--happy sigh!

The girls did an awesome job decorating!

I thought, for sure, that Gracie would just squeeze icing all over, but she was actually very careful about it.  She did the ones with just dots.  Steph and I went back and filled in the cookies without very much icing.  The icing, in addition to being really pretty, also seals the cookie and keeps it from getting dry.

I use the recipes for the sugar cookies and icing from here and have always been very pleased with the results.

Here's another tip: it's good to do something creative like decorating cookies with a crafty friend like Steph; you can always take a peek at what she's doing and copy her find inspiration.

Leah and Maggie got to sleep by the lit Christmas tree on Sunday night.

Gracie will be invited to join them when she is 4.

And, yes, that is a bowl by Maggie.  Thankfully, she didn't need to use it that night.

Lastly, on Monday night, we went to a park that was filled with beautiful light displays!

Our favorite was driving through the tunnel of lights!

That and the girls LOVED getting candy canes when we paid to enter the park :)

I'll show you the Christmas pictures tomorrow :)

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