Friday, December 20, 2013

If I Wrote a Christmas Letter...(this would be it)

We get so many nice Christmas cards and letters, but I haven't gotten my act together enough to send out our own in...pretty much forever!  

But if I did, this would be it :)

Dear Family and Friends, 

We've had a great year!  

Leah is enjoying 2nd grade!  She's really growing in her love for reading which we are so happy to see.  Academically, she's doing well, but mostly we're happy to hear that she's a good helper and a kind friend.  She's an awesome big sister at home, and every now and then,  we hear her being a peacemaker with her sisters.  She's also started taking her Bible to school and has shown some verses to her friend...very cool!  We pray that she keeps that zeal!

Maggie just had her PreK Christmas concert tonight!  It was so fun watching her sing the little songs and do the little dances.  She loves school, does great with all of her learning, and is a sweet little friend to the other kids in her class.  She is SO tired on school days, takes a lot out of her!  On her days off, she and Gracie play, we read lots of books and play fun games together.  Maggie still keeps us laughing with her silly antics and funny ideas.

Gracie is potty trained!  I think.  Once she decided she was ready, it went relatively quickly.  She is incredibly cheerful and playful!  She likes to make up funny names for people (which is sometimes appreciated by her sisters and sometimes not :)) and do dances with her eyes closed.  She likes running errands with me on Mondays and especially enjoys her reeeeeally long bath on Thursdays when Maggie is in school.  We always appreciate the life and liveliness Gracie brings to our home!

Things are going great with Aaron's ministry, and I've been enjoying helping out in Maggie's classroom and hosting people in our home!  We had an especially full summer with lots of weddings, swimming lessons, and visiting friends.  We're so thankful for the ministry opportunities that God opens up for us and for the people He puts in our lives.

As I reread all that I just wrote up there, I realize that it sounds like we have a perfect little family and a perfect little life.  But, let me assure you, that's not always the case.  The girls fuss at each other sometimes, we get irritated, and we all get worn out and weary.  But, God is always faithful, and we are so grateful that we can find rest and joy in Him.

We hope that you are enjoying this holiday season, and that a midst all of the fun and busy-ness, you take time to reflect on Jesus being born to eventually die in our place.  We are thankful every day for Jesus, our Emmanuel.

Merry Christmas!
Aaron, Becky, Leah, Maggie, and Gracie

I'll be back to the blog after Christmas!

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