Friday, December 13, 2013

Thanksmas 2013

I know I didn't make up the term, "Thanksmas," but I don't know who did!

Whoever thought of is was smart :)

In case it needs some clarification, Thanksmas is a little combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

For us it meant sharing a holiday meal with friends! 

We all celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families, of course, and certainly wouldn't want to miss those.  But, it's fun to celebrate good friends and the bond we have in Jesus!

We started out with a holiday meal!

I made ham.  The last time I made ham, Maggie was literally like 3 weeks old, so it's been a while :)

In case you were wondering, hacking ham off of the bone and tossing it in a crockpot with a tiny bit of water works really, really well!  I cut it into smaller pieces and put a glaze on it before broiling it for a few minutes.  


I won't be waiting 5 years until my next ham making experience!

We had some veggies and dip and I made biscuits and a potato casserole.  Bri made classic green bean casserole (pretty much the perfect comfort food) and an amazing crockpot macaroni and cheese.

Steph made dessert!

This is quite possibly the most disgraceful picture of anything chocolate, but please don't judge the deliciousness by my less than stellar picture.  It was chocolate cheesecake deliciousness.  And oreos.  So good.  There's one in my fridge that I should eat before someone else remembers that it's there!

Before the girls went to bed, Maggie wore Aaron's hat...

and so did I!

After the girls went to bed, we settled in to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

I was the only one who'd seen the whole thing!

You know how sometimes you watch a movie when you're young and then you watch it again as an adult and you wonder why you thought it was so funny/endearing/suspenseful/romantic/whatever?

Not the case with this movie.  It's still very, very funny!

We had such a fun night!

Here's hoping that this was our First Annual Thanksmas, because I know I'd love to celebrate again next year!

And the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that...


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