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A Glimpse into the Random Bits of My Quirky Life: Tums Edition

Edited June 11th:  Hi And Babies Don't Keep Friends!  When Kristi announced her link up, I immediately knew this was just the post to link up!  I'll have something "fresh" next time, but for now, please enjoy the ridiculousness that is my life :)  I'm looking forward to reading on commenting on YOUR stories, too!

There was a scene in Armageddon, the box office hit thriller starring Ben Affleck, when this crazy guy is sitting on a nuclear warhead and an astronaut looks at him and sternly says, "Get off.  The nuclear warhead.  Now."

On a side note, maybe Armageddon wasn't a box office hit thriller, but I believe that I still own it on VHS.

Additionally, Ben Affleck is part of my favorite celebrity couple.


I can't believe I even like that movie, because I pretty much hate space.

As in outer space.  I am a fan of personal space.  

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, I have moments like that astronaut...when I say things that are so utterly ridiculous that I can't even believe that those words just came out of my mouth.

I feel like, as parents, that happens more than we'd care to admit :)

So, in light of Armageddon, space, nuclear warheads, Ben and Jen (Jen and I are pregnancy buddies seeing as I was pregnant the same time as she was...twice.  STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!!!), and embracing the quirky, I will occasionally be giving you...

I'll say "you're welcome" already.  Really, there's no need to thank me.

Last Wednesday, Gracie had a hard time falling asleep.

The above picture is from a different night.

And yes, those are bitten peeps being pulled around on a xylophone.

Anyway, the girls got to bed around 8:15 which is late for them.  They are used to being in bed around 7:30, but our friends were over to watch Survivor.

And we ate puppy chow.

I love puppy chow.  For people.

The girls went to bed well which is always a huge bonus.

But, around 9:45 Gracie began making some rumblings which woke up Maggie, and Maggie called out on her behalf.

How generous.

You do need to understand that I value sleep.

I particularly value the sleep of my children.

Because it leads to more sleep for me.

We are all happier when we are all sleeping more.

It seemed like Gracie hadn't slept.  It was one of those things that I could just kind of tell, and that problem needed to be rectified immediately.

So, I crawled into the bottom bunk with her, brushed her hair away from her face over and over again (known as "softing" when I was growing up) while we whispered about our favorite things and told the other that they were beautiful, pretty, cute, and adorable.

I left her to sleep, but that only lasted like a minute until she was needing attention again, because she missed me so much.

Apparently I am that awesome.

This time, though, I pulled out the big guns.


I had already given her one of the bracelets I wear (courtesy of Leah from the rainbow loom) so she could feel close to me.  I decided to bust out the washable red marker to draw hearts on our hands.

I took this picture the next morning :)

Look!  We're heart buddies now.  We can just look at our hands and feel close to each other.

Apparently, I think my life is a Hallmark movie.  Because, really, who does something so cheesy?

Additionally, if Gracie gets a heart tattoo on her hand when she's older, we'll all know why.

The heart buddy thing, although touching, wasn't exactly effective.

Next, Gracie and I cuddled on my bed.  We closed our eyes, and I asked her to imagine a night sky full of stars.

She asked if she could imagine Elmos instead.

I agreed. 

We whisper counted 20 Elmos.

Then 20 stars and 20 sheep and 20 cookies and 20 fill-in-the-blanks.

While cuddling with a usually very busy 3 year old is endearing and lovely, it was after 10 at this point and she didn't seem much closer to being ready for bed.

And then I said, "Gracie, would a Tums help you sleep?"

Whadaya know!  She thought a Tums would surely help her sleep!

I gave her half of a Tums, laid her back in bed, and she was out.

Tums...Mommy's favorite placebo :)

So, tell me!  What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever said out loud?

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