Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

Enjoy these miscellaneous (whoa, I spelled "miscellaneous" right on my first star!) pictures from our fun, full weekend!


We headed up to Aaron's parents house this weekend.  It's a 4-5 hour drive, depending on road conditions and how many times people have to go potty.  Thankfully, our short friends were in good spirits and the drive was not very stressful.  I was taking some really random pictures to help pass the time :)


I was also playing Angry Birds to help pass the time.  While I was playing, Aaron asked, "What's your favorite and least favorite bird?"  I thought for a second and replied, "My favorite are chickens, because I can eat them, and my least favorite are any bird that poops on me."  

Side note: I become wildly indignant when a bird poops on me or my vehicle.

Aaron looked at me funny and said, "Um, I mean in the game."

Ha!  That's what happens when I don't consider the context :)


We went to Aaron's parents' house for his mom's retirement party and to celebrate our rescheduled Christmas...we were too sick to travel when we were supposed to go, you know, in December.  

We ended up celebrating on Groundhog's Day, so it was a merry groundhog's day, indeed!


Naturally, we took a picture of all of the cousins together.  We did it after they ate and before they got tired to increase the likelihood of it not being a disaster.  I feel like we were successful!


A few hours after we got home, we hosted a Super Bowl party.  I made some stuff ahead of time and our friends brought lots of food, too.  Each daughter wanted to help with the party, so Gracie's job was using the plunging pitcher to make the Walmart-Crystal-Light-Strawberry-Watermelon-Drink-That-Tastes-Like-Jolly-Ranchers.  She's saying, "Slow, fast!  Slow, fast!" because you have to pull the handle up slow or else it breaks and then you get to push it down fast.  They all did great!

I hope your weekend was wonderful, too!

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