Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's Concert Time!

You may have heard that Leah had her first grade concert last week.

She has been counting down for weeks!  

As if the concert itself wasn't exciting enough, all of the grandparents came, too!

They had been doing a lot of practicing at school, and Leah would come home and say, "Mom, the way we join hands and dance in a circle is just magical!"  

Be still my heart.

Plus, she reeeeeeally wanted to wear ribbons in her hair.

I'm all about making dreams come true ;)

I threw it together at the last minute (obviously), but she thought it was perfect!  

Nobody will be pinning that barrette on pinterest, that's for sure, but Leah was happy, and that's all that mattered.

Always so pretty...

We sat at our "usual" spot in the high school auditorium.

And by "usual," I mean the one time a year we go there for Leah's concert.

The concert was lovely!  

As the kids get older, the concerts have less of the charming, silly little kid things like when they twirl in circles for no reason or obnoxiously wave or spit in their hands...wait, I heard the spit thing happened, but I missed it!

As you can see, the way they danced in the circle was magical!

It was a sweet concert.

We came back home with all of the grandparents, and the girls got ready for bed.  

I remember doing concerts and plays back in the day and wanting to dissect each song or scene with someone when I got home, so I made sure to talk about the concert with Leah.  

Maggie called out to go to the bathroom about 20 minutes after she and Leah went to bed.  I went in to their room to take Maggie potty, and Leah was crying.  

I asked her what was wrong, and she was just so sad her concert was over.  

I said things like, "Leah, honey, we can sing the songs together at home!"

She said, "It's not the same!"

And she's right.  Singing a song with your mom in the living room in nothing like singing in a concert!

It's significantly lamer, actually.

When Maggie came back in, I took Leah to my room so that we wouldn't keep Maggie awake.

Leah and I talked about new beginnings and how good things have to end so that wonderful new things can start.

She wasn't having it, though, because, "First grade is the best grade EVER!"

I'm glad.

I'm glad that she love love double loves first grade.

I'm glad that she's happy where she is.

I'm glad that school is fun for her!

I'm glad she isn't wishing time away.

Leah calmed down, and before she went back to her room, I told her some stories about when I was in first grade.

It was a good mother daughter time for us <3

Here's to happy endings and beautiful new beginnings!

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