Friday, June 7, 2013

Kitchen! Before and After...

We painted our kitchen!

And when I say we, I mean that I took the girls to my parents' house while Aaron and some friends painted our walls and cabinets (and replaced the hardware and knobs on the cabinet doors).

I literally painted nothing.

Here's the thing about the original color of our walls..we painted our kitchen that color before we moved in, and I literally hated it the moment it went on the walls.  But, I just wanted to be done painting and move in, so we left it on...for 5 and 1/2 years.

About the before pictures...have you ever noticed in commercials for hair care products that in the before pictures, the model looks grumpy and isn't wearing make up.  But, in the after picture, she's smiling and wearing make up and is totally happy.

Yeah, that's what these pictures are like, because apparently I didn't pick up the kitchen at all when I took the before pictures.

But, you can bet I moved my little clutter piles around when I took the after pictures, so it looks spotless!

Enough are some happy pictures!

I love the little coffee station, and if you look closely, you can see that most of the coffee in there are Caribou Coffee...regular and decaf, so I can drink it all the live long day with my favorite creamer.  Ahhh...

I have a plan for the blank wall to the right of the window and, I'll totally show you once it's done!  I also have fabric to make curtains, but I haven't started making them yet.

Here's a better look at the pretty wall.

I got all of the prints from Naptime Diaries Shop.  I love having Scripture on the walls!

The clock is the same as before, I just spray painted it with Rustoleum Aqua.

And then...

I love the chalkboard area!  If something is holding still, I'll put chalkboard paint on it.  Look out ;)

The "Days Until" sign is from Joy's Hope, but she's not currently selling them.

It's from katygirl designs, and I get a ton of compliments on it!

I got this cute little crock from Target.

I love that the word "chalk" is written in chalk :)

It's so much brighter with the yucky, dark cupboards painted white!

I think it even looks cleaner with the new colors :)

Aaron had his brilliance running in full form and made a few basic changes that I LOVE!

He switched the Kitchen Aid mixer and toaster with the iPod dock thinger and the bread bowl whachamacallit.  

Pure genius!

Now I don't have to lug the Kitchen Aid around.  He's a smarty pants.

I spray painted the utensil crock, too!

And, I spray painted the key hook thing.

I failed to dust the key hanger, so if you look really closely, you'll see some spray painted dust.  Awesome!

My dad made these cupboards!

He did such a great job!  We have so much more space.

Check out the cool things on the fridge!

My friend, Rachel, made me a personalized brownie recipe print!

Her family picture really was on the fridge before she sent it to me.  If you send us a family picture, the odds are good you will be on display in our kitchen.

Here's a closer look!

My photography skills are less than awesome, but the color is so perfect and matches the chalk crock really well!

This part is my favorite, because the recipe is the one that won my Battle of the Brownies :)

Rachel just opened an etsy shop and has these super fun personalized "Family Rules" prints and she can make favorite recipe prints.  I think they would make such fun gifts!

After the walls and cupboards were all painted, we got new lights put in the kitchen.

Here's the thing:  Aaron and I agree on most things in life, but we have different feelings about lighting.  I like more light...he likes less.  

We had this huge fluorescent light which was admittedly obnoxious.  I didn't love it, but Aaron hated it with every fiber of his being. 

The new, can lights are amazing...with both like it!

To further prove Aaron's point about the obnoxiousness of the fluorescent light, our friend (who co-owns the construction company that put the new lights in) asked what we were doing with the old light.  Aaron told him we were just going to get rid of it.  He asked Aaron if he could have it because it would be good for, and I quote, "Butchering deer."

So, yeah.

Needless to say, the new lights are a vast, vast improvement!

I love love double love the new-to-me kitchen, and I'm so thankful for all of Aaron's hard work.

It's amazing what a little paint can do :)

In case you were wondering, the paint on the cupboards is called Casa Blanca (from Ace Hardware) and the paint on the walls is Sensible Hue (Sherman Williams).

Have a happy weekend!

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