Friday, June 14, 2013

Adjusting and Easing into Summer

Summer vacation is here and we are adjusting.  

Enjoying our time, for sure, but adjusting nonetheless.  

I know we aren't the only family who goes through the all-siblings-together-all-the-time adjustment.

This week started out strong!  We watched our friend's baby on Monday, ran errands and had a picnic on Tuesday, and then it was Wednesday.

Oh, Wednesday, you rascally little bugger, you.

These pictures are from earlier.  They love each other!

It seemed like nobody could get along.  

Nobody could share.

Nobody could consider the feelings of others.

Nobody could talk to her sister and resorted to whiny tattling.

Everyone was bossy.

And it was constant.

I had to have them each sit on their own cushion on the couch so we could have a talk.

Or, as Leah likes to say, "A conference."

I love that they're wearing their swimming suits as necklaces :)

I echoed the refrains of our home...

Is this a big deal or a little deal?

999 times out of 1000 it is not a big deal.

Is it a big deal that your sister wants to play behind the couch?

Why, no, it is not!

Is it a big deal that your sister put her foot on your blanket?

Ah, no.

Is it a big deal that you have the green pretty pony and not the blue one?

Hm.  Nope.

They just need lots and lots of reminders.

What's more important?  Your sister or                        ?

Gracie struggles with this, because she tends to automatically repeat the last thing I say.

So, this time I got clever and said, "Gracie, what's more important?  Your sister or the old lunch box or your sister?"

I feel like this increases the odds of her realizing the truth:

People are always more important than things.

And that's a hard thing to get, even for a grown up.  We can get fixated on the stuff of life...whether it's possessions or schedules or appearances or our perceived rights.

People are always, always, always more important.

Your sisters will be your friends forever!

You have to learn how to get along, because you are pretty much stuck with each other ;)

I didn't say it quite like that, but you get the drift.

Be still my heart <3

Naturally, we had to have another sit-down-on-your-own-couch-cushion time.

That time, I gave them each a snack and had them eat it without speaking.  At that point, I figured they were hungry.

And carb depleted :)

Plus, I needed a little break!

It can be hard to remember what I know is true.

I know that God sees me.  

I know that He wants our girls to love each other well.  

I know that He wants me to do all of this in His strength.  

I know that the only reason we function reasonably well as a family is because He heaps grace upon grace upon grace on us.

But, still I get frustrated and tired and weary.

Jesus has us, though!

So we keep adjusting and easing into each other.

And let Jesus refine our rough edges.

For some extra encouragement, read this by Lisa-Jo Baker!

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