Sunday, June 23, 2013

We Went to Some of Our Favorite Places

We went to my parent' house this weekend, and as a result, we went to some of our favorite places!

Gracie wasn't feeling the best, so she elected not to go to the grocery store with the big girls and Papa.

But, Leah and Maggie sure had fun!

What isn't fun about using a cart just your size?

Nothing...I tell you!  Nothing is more fun than a kid sized cart.

There is something so very classically "Leah" about her face in this picture with the ice cream...kind of a playful skepticism.

Ice cream and cookies, too! 

Maggie got to put stuff up on the conveyor belt thing.  She loves to do that; I think it makes her feel grown up ;)

So, yeah, the one of the girls' favorite places is the grocery store by my parents' house.

One of my favorite places:  Target!  (duh)

I overheard a few interesting things:

1.  A guy wearing very obviously mismatched striped shirt and plaid shorts saying to his female companion, "See I just like to think smart!"  I'm sure he's very smart but could just use a little nudge in the fashion department.

2.  I walked passed the hair care products and this guy probably in his 40s or 50s was talking really loudly into his cell phone, "SHOULD I GET THE FRIZZ CONTROL OR THE SHINE BOOSTER OR THE EXTRA HOLD?"  I feel like it's hard to just buy plain hair spray these days...poor guy :)

3.  A woman, who I've decided is my Target kindred spirit, was talking to her husband, and she said, "This is dangerous, Gary, aimlessly walking around Target."  It is indeed, new friend!

But, the best interesting thing came out of Aaron's mouth (everything but the "hey girl," I just couldn't resist the meme)!


I was glad not to hurry...gotta keep my husband happy ;)

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