Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Perfect Saturday...

What's been going on in life lately?

We had the most perfect Saturday!  

First of all, the weather was perfect...sunny with a light breeze, warm without being hot.

Plus, the girls were getting along well and listening well.  

2 for 2!!!

We went to one of my favorite parks and the girls had a blast!

Leah once again dazzled us with her monkey bars abilities.

Gracie was uncharacteristically hesitant about the slide and wanted Aaron or me to catch her at the bottom.

I love the static from sliding!

She got braver (or more normal for her), though!

Maggie stopped for a little break.

Leah was a swinging machine...impressing the awkward 12 year olds who were also swinging.

Next, we headed over to the sandy area, filled with stationary rider thingies from the 80's.

Timeless fun!

And then there's this!

Leah was determined to ride a faux horse with someone, so there's that :)

We paused for a picture on a bench by the river.

It may have been a little sunny for my blue eyed girls.

There was also a vintage beer can display/gallery/festival/thing that I cropped out of the picture.

You'd think that I just made that up, but I didn't!

We did a little exploring.

Hm...when I looked at that picture, I suddenly got the song, "Climb Every Mountain" from The Sound of Music in my head. 

You're welcome :)

Naturally, we needed a drink after all of that playing and hiking and adorable posing.

Even drinking from a bubbler drinking fountain can be a group effort!

But, not for this girl!

We got some lunch and headed home for naps.

Leah had been talking about having a carnival all day.  While Maggie and Gracie were napping, Leah and I went to the dollar store and got balloons and chewy Jolly Ranchers.  We put a chewy Jolly Rancher in each balloon and then blew it up.  I tied a string on to each balloon which meant they were carnival ready!

Leah took them outside to set up the game.

She got her daddy's good looks and her mama's bossy program director brain.

I love how fun the tree looks!

We brought a mechanical pencil out with us for the game which consisted of popping the balloon and getting the candy.

Zero competition and zero skill...that's my kind of game.

And I have no clue what Gracie is doing with the downspout in the above picture.  I suppose we should check that :)

Maggie was a little nervous about the loud balloon popping sound

which is why she has the towel ready to cover her ears.

She relaxed, though :)

Wearing slippers outside will do that.

Gracie wanted to immediately eat the candy.

Leah perfected the poke!

Do you like her dollar store visor?  3 for a dollar.  We told her it's a "wear at home" item :)

After the carnival, there was time for a little bit of sidewalk chalk.

It was such a great day.  I ended the day feeling so happy and energized!  

Bring on summer vacation!

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