Sunday, June 16, 2013

It was Father's Day...and it was Good!

Father's Day was a great one!

Aaron got to start out the day with these 3!

We didn't end up going to the Dollar Store for Aaron's gifts, because Leah saw some EZ Cheese (one of his old school favorite snacks) and wanted to get it for Aaron.  Naturally we got him some Wheat Thins to go with it!

We also got Aaron a couple of Frisbee Golf discs, because it's turned into a new hobby!  Leah even went with him.  Apparently she complained about the gnats pretty much the whole time she was out there, but to hear her talk about it, you'd think she was in paradise!

The girls and I made Aaron a card, too!

Yeah, that's not showing up on pinterest any time soon ;)

I had Maggie and Gracie dictate to me what to write in the card.  There's some pretty funny stuff!

My personal favorite parts are when Gracie tells Maggie to stop (although the bit about the fridge is rather delightful), and when Maggie tells Aaron that his heart sounds like birds!  She is so sweet and earnest!

The girls and I also made Aaron breakfast in bed!

Leah made the scrambled eggs, Maggie made the toast, Gracie carried the coffee to him, and I made the doughnut.  

Oh, the doughnuts!

My brother and sister-in-law got me a doughnut pan for my birthday, so I've kept my eye out for some doughnut recipes.  

These doughnuts are definitely a "sometimes" food, because they are pretty much a cupcake in a ring shape.  They are so delicious and were really easy to make!

After church and before lunch, Aaron and the girls played "Tooth Fairy" which is a daddy classic game!

Also a daddy classic game?  The girls pretending to be turtles and answering questions that Aaron asks them!

Yep, they're being turtles up there!  Gracie had the doll pack-n-play on as her shell, and Maggie and Leah are obviously using their blankets as shells.  They love being able to use a laundry basket as their shell...more authentic, I think ;)

They each have turtle names: Lurtle (Leah), Murtle (Maggie), and Gurtle (Gracie).

They talk in funny, deep voices and say that their favorite thing to eat is popcorn or answer other silly questions.

What a fun Dad...

...and what silly girls!

Anyway, after Silly Cereal Supper and shakes and popcorn (while watching The Electric Company on Netflix), Aaron and I are ending the day with the other (big) 3:

There's nothing like ending Father's Day with a little NBA playoff action.

And for the record, Aaron is obviously a WAY better dad than any of those guys.

You know, in my opinion, anyway ;)

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