Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Last Day of School


Can you believe this girl is done with first grade?

It was "shorts and hat" day for the last day of school.

Leah is wearing capri leggings under her shorts because the weather was probably cooler on her last day of first grade than her first day!

We decided to let her wear her wear-at-home-visor to school with it being hat day and all.  

Leah wanted me to make a special treat for her class for the last day of school, so I made sugar cookies and decorated them with each students' name.  

I was really happy with how they turned out!

The bottom middle and bottom right show the cookies I made for her teacher.  One of the cookies had her name on it, and the other 5 say thanks in different languages.  There's nothing multi-lingual about Leah's just seemed like a fun way to decorate her cookies :)  Her teacher's family has 6 people in it, so I figured she could share...but only if she wanted to :)

Leah's grade had a pool party on the last day which would have been awesome if it had been warmer than 67 degrees.  

The little girls and I joined Leah at the pool.  I didn't take pictures as they would have all been of wet, cold people!

Gracie and Maggie were in the water for maybe 10 minutes and were shivering so much that I made them hot chocolate when we got home!

Aaron, Maggie, Gracie, and I all picked Leah up from school.  I thought she might be crying, but she wasn't.  Maybe that's because she got all her crying out on the bus when she realized she left her swimming suit at the pool they couldn't get back in to look for it.  

Spoiler Alert: My friend, Amy, rescued it when the pool lost and found was prematurely taken to the thrift store on Monday.  Whew!!!

Anyway, we surprised the girls by taking them out for frozen yogurt after school.

I've come to the conclusion that it's best to surprise the girls when it comes to frozen yogurt.

If we tell them too early, they are literally so excited that they can't control themselves :)

Gotta love their enthusiasm!

We weren't the only family with the great idea to stop for fro yo on the last day of school!  Here's Leah coming back from talking to a friend.

I love how happy and confident she is!

Maggie was really committed to finishing her fro yo ;)

I love that picture!

I asked Gracie to smile and this is what she did...

She's such a fun little goofball!

They put up beautiful tree on the wall with a hidden caterpillar...

...which my now-2nd-grader found right away!

Leah's great last day of school was the perfect ending to what you may have heard was the best grade ever!

Have a happy summer!

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