Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Morning at the Coffee Shop

We are starting a nice little tradition in our house of taking the girls to our local coffee shop one Saturday morning a month or so.  

Perhaps "tradition" makes it sound fancier than it's more of a routine we hope to develop.  I feel like it's something the girls will always enjoy and hopefully never feel like they are "too cool" to hang out with their parents at a coffee shop.

I plan to get exponentially cooler every year of my life so that our girls will be fighting to hang out me instead of creepy high school boys.

I'll let you know how that works out.

Anyway, the girls always get cremosas (it's an Italian soda with some half and half.  I like to make them at home, too.  They also go by the name "special drink" at our house...which isn't really a defining name as pretty much anything that isn't milk, water, or apple juice is called "special drink.")

Maggie likes to get a grape cremosa because it's purple.  The taste is questionable, but the color is the coolest thing in the world, of course.  Sadly, they were out of grape, so she went with roasted marshmallow.

Leah tried cherry lime due to the suggestion of our friendly barista, and it has become her "usual."  She shares a taste, too, which is quite nice of her...although, she does carefully monitor how much you drink :)

Gracie gets her own cremosa, and I usually get her something I like or something pink.  We're all about the colors in our house.  Mostly, Gracie likes to drink whatever I have.  She yells, "COFFEE!  COFFEE!" while pointing and grabbing.  

It's so endearing.

I think she still thinks we are the same person :)

Aaron had the great idea to try 4 handed war (which, when I tell people that we play war, I always specify, "You know, war...the card game," so that they don't think we are pretending to shoot each other and stuff.  That's a little silly of me.)  It's war with 4 players instead of 2, and if there is a tie, the players who tied each get two cards.  I have no idea what we would do with a 3 way tie.  We only go through the deck once, so the game goes pretty fast.

We try to do an activity while we're there so they don't run around the place looking for something to break because they're bored.  We also try to leave while they are still being well behaved so they don't run out of good behavior and make us regret going out into public that day!

Things did get a little crazy at the end when Maggie got cold and put her coat on backwards.  

Let the good times roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Maggie is looking a lot like Leah in these pics! (said mom)

    1. Yeah, the last one, I think. They're both pretty :)