Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Here are some little snippets from our Sunday afternoon and evening.  It was a lovely, relaxing time...

Leah and Gracie took a little quiet time to read in the closet while Maggie was still napping.  Gracie is sipping on some hot chocolate, and Leah is reading a Mickey Mouse Christmas book.  I seriously love hearing Leah read and hearing the little girls recite books.

Note to self: put away the Christmas books.

I feel like Disney really knew what they were doing when I was little and they had a family movie on each Sunday night.  Classics like Herbie or Darby O'Gill and the Little People or Swiss Family Robinson.  As a mom, I know that we're all really worn out by Sunday night and just need to unwind.

Hence movie night at our house.  

Movie night starts out with SCS (Silly Cereal Supper).  I don't always make dazzling  meals and this is certainly one of those times.  The girls think it's hilarious to have cereal for supper, and I love that it's SO easy.

We also always have shakes and popcorn (or "copcorn" as Gracie says) during the movie.  

I originally tried to serve shakes and popcorn for supper on Sunday, but, while Aaron and I liked it, the girls were appalled.  Maggie, who sometimes only eats 4 craisins dipped in ketchup and one bite of some sort of carb for supper, was just disgusted by my non-traditional approach to supper.  So, now we have it with the movie.

Here the girls are watching the funniest movie ever...some sort of 3 Musketeers movie with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy that we got from the library.

They do not look like it's the funniest movie ever in this picture, though...must have been a slow moment!

Leah and Maggie were laughing so hard!  I love hearing such a genuine laugh from them!  

They were laughing for good reason, too, as the movie was really, really funny...if you like slapstick, physical humor.  

I love slapstick, physical humor!  Apparently I pretty much have the sense of humor of a 6 year old :)

Then, after the girls went to bed, it was time for Downton Abbey and some scones.

If you ever wonder just how much Aaron loves me, look no farther than the moment above.  

Yes, he plans date nights.  Yes, he does 95% of the dishes.  Yes, he picks up a vast majority of my messes.  And yes, he sits with me while I watch what is essentially a historic British soap opera on PBS.

I think he's in it for the scones, though.  They're delightful!

My dad always says that "simple pleasures are the best."  And I would have to agree.`


  1. can't believe you got Aaron to watch DA w/you and I don't believe you on the "dazzling meals" even make cereal sound dazzling! :)

    1. I suppose calling cereal for supper Silly Cereal Supper does add some sort of excitement :)