Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Committed and Candy Land

Leah had a go-to-school-two-hours-late day a couple of days ago. 

I totally missed that part and had Aaron take her to the empty school.

It never occurred to me to check for a school delay for ice and not snow.  I have since signed up for text alerts from a news station so I will hopefully only send my daughter to school when she actually has it.

See, I'm so committed to her education that I want her to be in school even when school isn't in session!  

And, yes, I forgot to write a day off on the calendar, so I unnecessarily sent her to school earlier this year.  

I'm reeeeeeally committed to her education.

That or a little spacey :)

We used some of that extra time for some Candy Land!

Hello little colorful men!

I like that the little marker pieces are all the same gender as we've had crying over the Chutes and Ladders pieces before. 

Nobody wants to be a boy.

When we play Candy Land, I don't put the cards in a stack on the ground or the table.  I hold them in my hand and give out one card at a time when it is someone's turn.  This eliminates the stack falling over, picking more than one card, and forgetting it is your turn.

Thankfully, I am more on top of whose turn it is in Candy Land than I am with when school is or isn't in session.

Maggie and Leah are Candy Land professionals!  They do a great job staying on task and paying attention!

Gracie started out really strong.  I like how she is holding her game piece in her fist!

She did have a small bout of not paying attention.

Somehow, she won our first game!  

I always think it's funny when the person paying the least attention actually wins :)  

I suppose it helps that she got Grandma Nut on her first turn and never let go of the early lead.

Poor Leah had a rough turn of events during our second game...

But, apparently I consider it my duty as a non-competitive person, to de-competitive-ize our daughters, so they are usually pretty excited to get second place.

But the true winners are parents everywhere.

And this is why...

The multicolored last space is genius!  It ends the game quickly and concisely and most importantly minimizes tears and drama.

This mama can't ask for much more than that!

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