Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love Notes

When Leah started writing, she could only spell a few words...Leah, Mom, Dad, Love, Hi.  

Just the basics.

It led to a lot of little love notes left around the house, because she could only spell love note kinds of words.

I was kind of sad, in a sentimental mommy sort of way, that when she learned how to spell more words, she'd be done writing love notes, because she'd be able to spell so many other words.  

I'm glad I was wrong!  

Here are a few examples from the last week or two:

I made a little dot to dot and word search during church and she turned the heart into a little love note:

I think "hary" is supposed to be "hooray!"  Either that or it's hairy which would just be weird.

When we were at my parents' house, she got to use envelopes and made us more!

I don't think we'll ever get tired or finding little notes like this around the house.  I hope they keep on coming!

I love my sweet Leah <3

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