Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Hot Chocolate Unibrow (and a Tip)

Our girls love, Love, LOVE hot chocolate!  I think their favorite part about hot chocolate is using it as a vehicle for marshmallows or whipped cream...can't say I blame them.

We got a Keurig for Christmas from my parents, and we bought some hot chocolate K-Cups, so Leah feels SO cool making her own hot drink!

For Gracie, though, hot chocolate is more of a full body (or at least a full face) experience.

I love how the hot chocolate smudge is almost the same color as her eyebrows!

You may be wondering how one gets a hot chocolate unibrow.  I'll let you know in case you want one of your own...or in case you're just curious :)

All you have to do is go to do is use a travel mug.  Make sure that the little cover thing has a little bit of hot chocolate on it, is up, and it touches you between the eyebrows as you're drinking.  You, too, could have a hot chocolate unibrow of your very own. 

A side note about the mug:  I got 3 child size travel mugs at the Dollar Store.  But, I got 2 with penguins on them and one with a snowman on it.  Of course the girls have lots of feelings about who has the matching mug and who is left out.  I don't know, for the life of me, why I didn't get 3 of the same.  Rookie mistake...

Anyway, here is my tip!  When you are making hot chocolate or any other hot drink from a powder for your kids, do you have a hard time getting the water to the right temperature?  I know I do.  First it's too hot, so I add some cold water.  Then it's too cold, so I add more hot water.  Then it's too I go back and forth until I've used like 3 envelopes of hot chocolate mix and have 40 ounces of hot chocolate.

My friend suggested just turning your tap water to as hot as it will go and filling the mug with that and adding your drink mix from there.  It TOTALLY works!  It's hot enough to be an awesome hot drink for kids, but not too hot to where there is crying.  I don't know about you, but I don't think there should be crying while enjoying chocolate in any form.

Give it a try!  Hot chocolate unibrow optional.

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