Thursday, January 3, 2013


I love pretty much all things Fancy Nancy.

I like that she's fancy (duh).

I like how her books teach kids fancy, big words.

I like that she's kind of princess-y without being obnoxious.

I did NOT, however, like that this puzzle was almost the end of me.

But, don't worry, I wasn't about to be owned by a 100 piece puzzle designed for ages 6 and up.

Leah got this puzzle for Christmas and it's "lenticular."

You might be wondering what that is.  It means that each puzzle piece has two views as the scene shifts when you tilt the piece.

Hence it's incredible level of difficulty for those who are not naturally puzzle-y inclined.

I've come to the conclusion that Leah and I are not naturals :)  It's not a task that involves talking or creating, so it's not a natural thing for her.  I don't tend to want to try things I'm not reasonably sure I'll be really good at (which I realize I need to work on), and 100 pieces seemed a little steep to me ;)

The first time we tried it, I was like, "Forget this...let's have a snack!"

A couple of days later, I wanted a "quiet" activity for us to do together while the younger two were napping, so we pulled the puzzle out again.  

At first, I was the good mom and tried to have us totally work together.  That worked for about one minute until Leah got distracted by drinking (loudly slurping) hot chocolate...

...with marshmallows
...through a straw.

So, while Leah chatted, I got down to business and showed that puzzle who was boss.  It took well over an hour (maybe closer to two) and we finally finished it!  Once I got like 70% of it done, Leah was less overwhelmed by the size of the task and was fitting pieces in like a crazy, natural puzzle person!

Here's the finished puzzle from the first angle...

...and from the second angle.

See what I mean?!?!  Really hard!

I'm glad we could conquer the unofficial hardest-puzzle-in-the-world.

Or at least the hardest-puzzle-in-our-house :) 


  1. sorry about that! next year we'll avoid the "lenticular" aisle at target ;) haha, you get some great mom points for that craycray puzzle

    1. Haha, that's okay! It was entertaining and Leah is so proud of herself for doing it! She shows it off to people when they come over :)