Friday, January 18, 2013

That Time We Went to Cherry Berry

The girls loooooove going to frozen yogurt places.  

I don't know that they actually like the fro yo itself...they pretty much just like the toppings. 

Can't say I blame them.

We took some Christmas money and went to a larger town near us for some of my favorite pizza and then to Cherry Berry for the frozen yogurt experience!

Our friend, Andy, came with us, so I got to sit in back with the ladies!

I didn't take pictures at the pizza place, but it was very fun!  They have paper on top of table cloths, so the girls got to draw right on the table!  

This place seriously has the best pizza, and the girls were super well behaved.  They started to get a little antsy at the end, but it was easily managed by a trip to the bathroom.

I did have to walk Gracie over to the bar area, too, to check the score of the football game.  I feel like the bartenders may have thought that was weird, but Gracie needed a change of scenery to encourage the continuation of her good behavior, and it worked like a charm!

After what must have felt like an eternity in little girl minutes, we finally made it to Cherry Berry!

What is not to love about a place that has all. these. toppings!

And that's maybe half of them!

About those froot loops on the far right...I would never put froot loops on any ice cream like treat.  And what's with spelling the misspelling of fruit?  Froot?!?!  Seriously, Kellogs.

And you can see our fine creations below!  Mine is coffee flavored fro yo with heath bits and caramel.  Heath bits are my favorite candy topping on any sort of ice cream.  I also put some Mike and Ike's on the side to eat separately.  

Mixing the Mike and Ike's in with the rest would just be wrong for me.

I'm not exactly sure what the girls have.  They, however, have no qualms mixing chocolate with artificially flavored fruit things.  More power to them!

I think Maggie is unimpressed with me taking her pictures when she doesn't want me to.  Just a guess :)

I mentioned yesterday that Gracie likes to stand on furniture.  Here's further proof...

It takes some serious skillz to be 2 years old and stand and eat ice cream.  I don't think she even spilled (this time)!

Usually Cherry Berry has sports on one TV and the Disney channel on the other TV.

But that night was special.  

That night they had Sponge Bob. 

On both TVs.

Leah knows who Sponge Bob is, but has never seen the show before.  

Thank goodness the volume was off, though, as I've heard he's a teensy bit annoying.

Needless to say, they were all quite enthralled!

Here's one of the cutest pictures taken at a fro yo place in the history of fro yo places...

The girls were really tired on the way home, so I quickly switched into camp counselor mode and we sang some songs and did some actions.  

It's amazing how singing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" and "Five Little Monkeys" can keep the crying to a minimum!

Because nobody wants crying on a night filled with frozen yogurt magic!

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