Monday, January 21, 2013

The Whistlers

Leah is an all star whistler.  

She can whistle like a bird.  

She can whistle regular.

She likes to say that she is the loudest whistler and the softest whistler.

Sometimes I have to declare certain areas a non-whistling zone, like the bathroom in the morning when all of the girls are in there with me and I am doing hair dos.  

Needless to say, Maggie and Gracie would love to be able to whistle, so they are practicing.

Maggie wanted me to take a picture of her whistling.

Once again, Gracie is standing on furniture.

My mom reminded me that my sister used to stand on furniture all. the. time.  

I'm happy to report that my sister reserves her standing for the floor these days.  So I'm guessing that eventually Gracie will reserve her standing, walking, jumping, running, and eating for the floor or sitting in chairs.  I'll probably miss these days, though!

Anyway, I took a short video of Maggie and Gracie practicing their whistling.  It is seriously, seriously hilarious and adorable.


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