Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guess Who I Dressed

I let Leah and Maggie dress themselves pretty much every morning.  So often, that if I tell them what to wear, their creativity is insulted.

It occurred to me when Leah was little, that when my children are dressed ridiculously in public, nobody looks at me and thinks, "Wow, that mom has a really poor sense of style.  Look at what she dressed her child in!"  They just think, "Oh, that cute little girl dressed herself this morning.  How delightful!"

I just don't choose to fight the battle of matching very often.  As long as they are mostly weather appropriate, I don't really care.

For example, Leah dressed hilariously for pretty much all of kindergarten.  Her amazing teacher would dismiss them to line up for lunch by what color they were wearing.  Leah, being practical like her Mama, wanted to wear every color every day so she could maximize her early lining up potential.  It resulted in some hilarious ensembles!

So, here they are, dressed for church on Sunday.  Your job is to guess which girl I dressed.

Here we have Leah.  When did she get so grown up?  Sometimes I wonder how she got to be so darn beautiful!

Then, we have my little cutie pie, Gracie Kate.  I think she is standing on furniture about 70% of the time.  The remaining 30% of the time she is poking her sisters.

And now, the ever adorable Mighty Maggie. 

Her facial expression just kills me!  She came out with this outfit and said, "Mom!  Don't I look just like a tap dancer!"  Yes!

She decided she needed to change after lunch and came out, but not dressed as a tap dancer any more, apparently.

I've heard that mixing patterns is "in" this season.  Maggie = fashion savvy!  I love that her seasonally inappropriate sandals are on the wrong feet.

Mostly I just love her!

So, just in case you need to know the answer for sure, I dressed Gracie :)

Additionally (and this has nothing to do with anything I just wrote), Leah referred to her middle finger as "the big naughty guy" this morning.  I've always referred to it as "the swear finger," but I think I like "the big naughty guy" a lot better!

Have a happy day and be COLORFUL...even if you're wearing neutrals :)

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