Friday, February 15, 2013

Beautiful Flower (Hair) Clip

As promised yesterday, here is a super fun and easy tutorial on how to make these...

Aren't they super cute?  I sure think they are!

Here's a peek at what supplies you need:

You need:
Some silky/satiny fabric (some people have even used old prom dress material!)
Circles cut from template (from here, which is where I learned how to make these flowers)
Scissors (sharp)
Pearls or other decorative bit to go inside the flower
Hair Clip (or pin, if you like to make pins)
Hot Glue Gun

Trace the circles on the fabric.  Cut the circles out and cut the slits into the circle.

I made sure that I cut the circles out of an old cereal box before I traced them onto the fabric so that the circles are durable and easy to reuse.

Next up is the fun FIRE part!  Yes, it is the best part!  Be sure that the shiney/shimmery side of the fabric is facing down as the fabric will curl down.  "Down" will eventually be "up."

Don't panic if that doesn't make sense :)

You are mostly using the heat from the flame to curl the edges over.  You don't want to get so close to the flame that edges of your fabric turn black (or start on fire), unless you want black edges, which could definitely be cool, too.  

You'll need to get closer to the flame than the picture above.  I was having a hard time taking a picture of my hand and didn't want to ruin anything..., you know, the fabric or my skin, perhaps :)

This is how it looks with all of the edges curled over.

Aren't they super cute?  You can see now, how "down" when we were singeing the fabric is now "up."

Next, you stack them...from biggest on the bottom to smallest at the top, hot gluing them together as you go.

After you glue them all together, you can tell from the side view that the flower is a little floppy.

Which is totally fine if you like your flower a little floppy.  I don't like them very floppy, so I hot glue some of the bottom flower petals to the one right above it.

Keep doing this until you like how it looks!

This is how I like mine...

Next, put a glob of hot glue in the middle of your flower.  Here it is without pearls...

And now WITH the pearls!

Super cute!

Grab the hair clip to hot glue to the back.  I always use the alligator clips with "teeth," because they don't slide around when you put them in your daughter's hair.

Put a line of hot glue on the clip and press it onto the back of the flower.

If you are klutzy like me, things like this happen first.

If that happens, enjoy scraping the dried hot glue off of your table and the clip and try again.

Is it weird that I enjoy scraping hot glue off of smooth surfaces?  Because I really do enjoy it :)

OK, here's how it looks appropriately glued to the back of the flower.

Then, find a cute little blonde haired girl and put the flower in her hair!

These flowers are super fun and easy to make.  It's a nice multi-tasking craft, because you can be working on them while watching TV or talking to your husband or whatever.

The first time I made these, I had to buy the fabric and the clips and the pearls.  But, now that I have all of that, I can make one really quick for a little gift!

Give it a try and make your little valentine smile!

Have a happy weekend!

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