Monday, February 18, 2013

To My Lovely Leah...on Her Birthday

I wanted to post this yesterday day on Leah's actual birthday, which you may or may not have heard that her birthday is February 17th (she greeted people with that bit of information at church), but time got away from me!  We had a fun family birthday party and I looked through a ton of pictures yesterday night to post today.  Picmonkey is my bff :)

I don't think you have to be Leah's mom to want to cry when you see how beautiful she has always been.  

And, how did she get to be 7?  I mean, SEVEN!!!

Be still my mommy heart.

Dear Leah, 

I remember the day before you were born, I worked and then Daddy and I went out for some sub-par Chinese food :)

Your birth was pretty darn easy as far as births are concerned.  I can't complain about a 3 hour natural birth :)  You were so beautiful and bright from the very beginning.  The nurses would comment on what a pretty baby you were and how you were so alert.  Maybe they tell everyone that, but I like to think they really meant it, because we sure thought you were!

I was so nervous I would do things wrong when we took you home.  I remember calling the pediatrician's office when you spit up "too much."  They probably hung up the phone and shook their head at the nervous new mommy.

And, if I'm honest with myself, I'm still terrified that I'll do things wrong.

Even since you were born we prayed that God would give you a quick and intelligent mind and a kind and compassionate heart.  We've been so blessed to see God grow that in you.  

Very often, I am so humbled by your resiliency and cheerful attitude.  

When you were probably 18 months old and we'd go grocery shopping, you would greet strangers and try to hug them from the cart :)  

You've loved people from the very beginning!  We taught you questions to ask people so you could engage them beyond asking them, "What's your name?"

I remember being at Cedar Campus with our students and you knew probably 50 people's first and last names!  I love your good memory and how you already seem to value people more than things.

I love watching you with your sisters!  Even though you sometimes can be a little bossy or pick them up when you aren't supposed to, I know you do those things because you love them.  You do a great job including them even when it can be difficult.  I know that you don't mean to be bossy, but just want to tell them your good ideas.

You have so many good ideas and we trust that God will use your heart for people and strong mind to be a great leader for Him.

I love how you make us pictures and love notes all the time.  

I love that you call for me to come and look at beautiful skies.

I love that you look so much like Daddy...and I hope that in all the ways that you act just like me, that you only keep the good things.

I love that this morning you told me that you really feel that you can run faster and jump higher now that you are 7.

I love seeing you be such a good friend to the other kids at school...asking them questions and being happy for them when they get something good.

I love that your Kindergarten teacher told me that she had never had a student who was so genuinely kind hearted and caring towards the other kids.  This is such amazing evidence of God working in you.

I love that you ask me questions about my day.  Sometimes you really blow my mind with your selflessness.

I love that you like to highlight really random verses in your Bible.

I love that you like it when we have guests in our home.  

I love going on "adventure hikes" (really more like a ramble in some woods/big park) with you and having you show me what you discover.

I love that you like to talk to me and I hope you keep doing that forever.

I love that God gave you to me...that you are the girl who made me a mommy.  I could never have dreamed of a more amazing girl.  Sometimes I'm just in awe of you and the fact that I get to be your mama.  

God is so, so good and gracious to us.

Every day we pray that God will keep you safe.  And, I pray that as you grow in your relationship with Jesus, that He would capture your heart and affections.  

It's our desire that you are always loyal to Jesus, just like Leah in the Bible was.  Everyone who should have loved and defended her...they failed her instead.  And while Daddy and I will always do everything we can to make sure that you are always well loved and cared for and defended and celebrated, regardless of what happens in life that is out of our control, we long for you to be loyal to Jesus...the One who deserves your loyalty and heart more than anyone.

My sweet Leah, you are already such a remarkable girl.  I love that I get a front row seat to see what God will do in you and through you and how you will be a holy force to be reckoned with.

With all my love always, 


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