Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guess What I'm Doing Tomorrow...

It is that time...not my favorite, but so worthwhile.  Potty training!

We are going to pull out the big guns...

I think Dora could take over the world if she so desired...well, at least if the world was made up of 2-4 year old little girls.

We'll even have some back ups...

How nice that we can support Leah's school with said back ups...

I pretty much follow the Pottywise plan.  It worked like a charm for Leah and Maggie, and I'm optimistic that it'll work great for Gracie!  Plus, Maggie is going to help and Gracie loves to keep up with her sisters.

Gracie doesn't like to sit still, though, so that should be interesting.

We'll start by using her Build a Bear teddy bear to model what we're going to be doing.

Part of the Pottywise plan (which, can I just say how lame I feel saying and even just typing "pottywise"?  I feel really, really lame...) is using a doll or stuffed animal to model the potty training process.  We check the bear's panties to be sure they are "clean and dry" and if they are clean and dry, the bear get's a little treat.  Then, we have the bear go potty on the potty chair and the bear gets a big treat and we dance and celebrate.

Yes, I will be pouring water into the potty chair as fake bear pee when she's not looking.

I lead a very glamorous life.
That way Gracie kind of gets the idea of what we'll be doing.  I think we'll start with the bear thing a little today.

Gracie will also have a lot of special drinks...

The idea is to give your kid some salty snack and a drink they like but don't usually have so they drink a lot and have a lot of opportunities to practice being clean and dry and going on the potty.

The girls rarely have undiluted juice let alone a juice box with Elmo on it, so this is really special.

I feel like if Elmo and Dora joined forces they could really make a difference :)

I'll be carrying a lot of smarties around in my pocket for the next few days.

I made the mistake of giving Leah chocolate treats when I was potty training her.  I couldn't keep them in my pocket to give for random clean and dry checks, plus once she wiped her chocolatey fingers on the wall by the toilet. 

That's just a visual you don't want...

I don't even really like smarties, but the girls will do a lot for some smarties or a dum-dum sucker, which pretty much blows my mind.  Personally, I'm much more motivated by chocolate!

So, if you hear some cheering from the direction of my house tomorrow, you'll know what's going on :)

Don't worry, I'll update you on Friday as to how it's going!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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