Monday, March 25, 2013

If March Madness is Wrong...I Don't Want to be Right

I simply love March Madness.

I love the upsets.

I love the one and done thing.

I love the drama and emotion.

I love following along with my bracket.

For the last few years, we've gotten together with my side of the family for March Madness.  We compare brackets and taunt the people we're beating.

Good ol' fashioned family fun!

Here's my bracket in the afternoon...

My WEST section is a huge mess.  You'll notice that I circled Syracuse in the EAST section, because my gut said to pick them instead of Indiana, but I went with my logic instead of my gut.

Because, you guys, we've all seen the movie Hoosiers, so I should CLEARLY pick Indiana.

Indiana being a 1 seed doesn't hurt either.

Before the basketball started, the girls had some Nana and Papa style fun!

The girls did their "product."

They're all so cute lined up like that :)

Then, they made books with Nana!  Leah is calling her's "How to Grow a Flower and Other Stories."

Naturally, craft time is punctuated by playing with Papa.

My brother and 2 of their kids came over before supper.  My sister in law was home with the other 2 as they were sick :(  

But, we still had lots of fun with the ones who came!

This is one of my favorite pictures <3

They're like the English speaking versions of Dora and Diego.  

Then, Gracie was a baller...and a game changer.

There was even some silliness and jumping rope.

And some Hide and Go Seek!

I's like Where's Waldo meets planking.

You're wondering how Marquette pulled out their victory, aren't you.


My bracket is hanging in there!

And while the girls and I are hanging out at my parents' house, the best husband in the world is painting our kitchen and cabinets.  

Aaron is seriously amazing.

But, his bracket will probably beat mine, and I'll be just fine with that!


  1. A planking where's Waldo couldn't fix the fact that I picked Gonzaga to go all the way mostly because I just love their name... but I still love March Madness and I'd love to see Waldo plank.

    1. How could you NOT pick Gonzaga...the name is pure awesomeness!