Monday, January 13, 2014


Here's the thing: I have issues with Disney movies.

Not big issues, I basically just don't like that a lot of the princess-y movies are resolved by a girl falling in love with a boy who saves the day.

Because, apparently, a girl can't solve a problem.

I also feel like my little girls don't need to have the whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing really prevalent in what they are watching.

Also, I feel like Disney does a good job of making it really obvious who is good and who is bad. That results in some pretty scary, dark bad guys.  My girls get scared easily, so I don't want to put that kind of stuff in front of them unnecessarily.  

But, when Frozen came out, we read some reviews, talked to some friends who had seen it, and decided to take the girls.

I liked it and thought it was pretty funny!

I liked that when Anna got engaged to Hans, everyone told them it was crazy to get engaged to someone you just met.

I thought the music was amazing!  It was pretty much a musical.

I LOVED that the sisters saved the day!

My favorite part, though, was the redemptive analogy at the end!

Side note, have you ever read the book Peace Child, by Don Richardson?  He was a missionary to Papua New Guinea in the 1960s.  He says that every culture has a redemptive analogy...there's something in the culture that is a picture of Jesus' sacrifice for us.

I've kept my eyes open for redemptive analogies ever since!

Frozen had a great one!  At the end, Anna steps in between her sister and a weapon to save her life.

She even comes back to life, if we're keeping score :)

We had a fun time being there!

Although, Gracie wasn't about to pose for a picture.

And I did teach the girls the finer points of smuggling candy into a movie theater :)

In case you were wondering, the girls enjoyed the movie, but went right back to being ob.sessed with The Sound of Music!

They are literally recreating So Long, Farewell as I type :)

Have a happy Monday!

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