Friday, January 10, 2014

Project 365: #1

A couple of years ago I decided to do Project 365.

Project 365 is when you take 1 picture a day for a year.  The idea is to capture the happy, everyday bits of your life!

I failed miserably.  I forgot to take pictures during the know, of our children, and ended up taking a picture of my feet before bed or making a duck face with Pringles.

I wish I was making that up, but I'm not!

But, now that I'm in the blogging habit, I take pictures a lot more, so I thought that this would be the year to do it!

I can't promise they're won't be any pictures of my feet before bed, but I have high hopes.

I did forget to take a picture on the first day, though.  But, I pushed ahead!  I'll just have my Project 365 year run from January 2, 2014-January 2, 2015!

Day 1:

Day 2:

Gracie gave me these flowers for my birthday (which was December 31) and hands them to me every now and then so we can get married!

Day 3:

We made granola bars for school snacks, wrapped them in plastic wrap, and kept them closed with cute washi tape.

Day 4:

Leah made everyone a mailbox so she could give us notes.  I give her some, too!

Day 5:

I was so excited to eat a scone and drink tea while watching the season premier of Downton Abbey.  But, alas, I was sick, so I was laying on the couch with a bowl just in case. Thankfully, I didn't end up needing it again.

Day 6:

The girls are helping Maggie get ready for her first quiet rest (instead of nap time)!

Day 7:

The artiste <3

Day 8:

It was early release day for Leah, complete with some silly faces!

Day 9:

Gracie was helping me fill the crockpot with yummy-ness!

Have a great weekend!

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