Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Lonely Goats

The girls have been performance singing machines lately!

We owe this to The Sound of Music!  We got the DVD and soundtrack with some Christmas gift money, and they love it!

It's so adorable to hear them sing along.  My personal favorites are hearing Gracie sing along with Do-Re-Mi with great energy and enthusiasm and hearing Leah sing, "Her penitence is real" when she has no idea what that means.  

The best, though, is when Maggie sings along with 16 Going on 17, "Totally unprepared am I, to face a world of men" with her cute little voice.  It's so hilarious and adorable!

This is Gracie performance singing in the minivan on our mattress shopping journey :)

Based on the TV performance of The Lonely Goatherd (or as I like to call it, High on a hill was a lonely goat)...

We've had this...

Leah/Maria lovingly stuffs directs the sisters children under the futon bed so they can pop out and sing at the appropriate time!

Yep, our HOUSE is alive with the sound of music...and while it can be loud, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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