Friday, January 3, 2014

Weekly Menu (and an Interesting Update)

I'm doing a weekly menu for the first week of January, because the rest of the month is going to look a little different.

Wednesday, January 1  BLTs
Thursday, January 2  BBQs
Friday, January 3  Pizza
Saturday, January 4  Baked Oatmeal  Chicken Frontega Sandwiches
Sunday, January 5  Leftover BBQs  SCS
Monday, January 6  Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup  
Tuesday, January 7  Evan and Bri bringing Pizza

So, starting on Wednesday, January 8th, I'm going to be doing The Whole 30.  Basically, I'll be eating meat, veggies, some fruit, healthy fats, nuts and seeds.  I'm sure it'll be both easy and hard.  I like all of the things that I'm allowed to eat, but not having sugar will be hard...which is kind of the point.  I'm doing this to basically press control-alt-delete on my cravings.  I mean, it can't hurt to eat the things I'll be eating.

I won't be able to have sweet coffee drinks, my favorite coffee creamer, or ice cream.  I'm making this ice cream before I start, though :)

I'll be doing weekly menus until I'm done with The Whole 30.  I already have a few tricks up my sleeve for making this easier, so I'll share those tips.  Plus, I'll share how I can make 1 meal and have it be Whole 30 compliant for me and "normal" for my family.  I'd like to do The Picky Eater Project with the girls while I'm doing The Whole 30, but we'll see!  If I end up doing that, I'll update you on that each week.  I might as well do all of the things at once :)

Oh, and don't worry about coming over to my house to eat while I'm doing this!  I certainly won't subject you to The Whole 30 against your will :)  I'm loading the freezer with scones and other deliciousness for such occasions!

Does anyone want to jump on The Whole 30 train with me?  It'll be fun over here :)

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