Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Morning Tea Party

Leah and Maggie put together a lovely tea party for us this morning before breakfast!

Complete with a sign, of course!

We each had a special place setting.  Aaron's cup was more of a shot :)  He had to go to work, so he got the little one.

The girls were welcome to invite a friend.

Gracie wasn't up for bringing a friend...or for having her picture taken.

Leah was accompanied by Chewy, her chinchilla stuffed animal.

Maggie brought Big Doll.

Yeah, Big Doll could use a little work.

And perhaps a different name, because Big Doll probably isn't the most self-esteem boosting name ever.

Maggie was a great hostess, pouring the tea...

and Leah was also a great hostess, adding sugar and milk to our pleasure!

Of course someone had to spill.

aaaaaaaaand that was me :)

We had a lovely time with the hostesses with the mostesses.

Gracie did, too, and she even forgot that she didn't want her picture taken for a second!

Chewy had an awesome time, too :)

Clementine oranges for the win!

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