Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Get Yo' Dance On!!!

My post was so long yesterday, that I thought I'd better save the pictures from the dance part of the reception for their very own post.

Guess which one of our daughters was most into the dancing?

You can read the rest of this before you submit your answer :)

Oh, but before I get to the pictures, I wanted to tell you something cool...well, cool to me anyway!

I posted last week about how God had been teaching me about my expectations lately.  Well, I got to see that play out amazingly on Saturday!

We took 2 cars to the reception, because I planned on leaving earlier with the girls so they could get to bed at a more reasonable time.  Aaron drove with the girls to the reception, so I had a little time to myself on the road.

I took that time to adjust my expectations (or, as my friend Kim wisely said, "expect the best and prepare for the worst").

I realized that...
  • the girls would probably have to go to the bathroom a lot.
  • I wouldn't have uninterrupted conversations with people.
  • the girls might be afraid of the music at the reception.
  • the girls might not want to dance and perhaps they would whine about it.
I prayed that God would give me joy in those circumstances and that I would genuinely enjoy serving my family.

I'm glad to say that God totally showed up!  The girls did have to go to the bathroom literally 6 times in the first 2 hours, and it was fine.  I wasn't irritated, and we just had fun together!

So grateful!

Anyway, as you'll be able to see, the girls did want to dance!

Maggie dipped her toe into the dancing pool first!

And then Gracie ventured out with Becca.

Gracie was all about Becca!  Gracie kept visiting her at the head table and then enjoyed dancing with her.

Then, she moved over to dancing with Aaron!

Once she got comfortable on the dance floor, there was no stopping her!

She's still by Becca :)
Maggie was glad to join in the fun!

I love that you can tell how big Maggie is smiling even from a profile view!

Gracie and Maggie even danced together.

And some more!

But, Leah wasn't quite sure about the whole dancing thing.

She is SO my daughter!  She kept saying that she wanted to dance but didn't know how.  

That's totally me.  I don't like to try something unless I'm reasonably sure that I'm going to be good at it.  Nobody would say that Leah or I are risk takers.

Risk averse?  Yes.

Risk taker?  No.

She also has my sense of rhythm which in the dancing department, isn't the best thing ever.  Aaron is the one in the family with all of those skillz!  (Well, Gracie, too, I think!)

Leah loosened up and jumped along to the music!

I was SO proud of her for trying something she was initially a little uncomfortable with.  She kept at it, too!

Eventually, Gracie wanted to dance with me.

I was quite honored that the Dancing Queen graced me with some of her dancing time!

The girls and I left at like 8:30.  On the way home, we talked about what we liked better:  the moon and the stars.  

Verdict?  We like them both for different reasons.

Maggie fell asleep, but Gracie and Leah made it home awake.

It was a good...GREAT day!

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