Monday, August 19, 2013

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

We had a seriously wonderful weekend!  

We celebrated Evan and Bri's wedding this weekend, and it was awesome!

Ready for lots of pictures?

I started the day getting Maggie's hair flower girl ready.

We headed to church so that Maggie could get ready with the rest of the bridal party.

I got to be the boutonniere pinner on-er.

Yes, that is a shotgun shell!
We stopped in to visit Aaron in his office while he was reading through his notes for the ceremony.

Maggie settled in with Bri and the other bridesmaids to wait for the ceremony to begin.

Beautiful Bri with Beautiful Maggie
I stopped by to check out Aaron

and his awesome Britney Spears microphone.

Leah kept things interesting while we waited for the ceremony to begin.

I don't know how Leah does that with her nose...believe me, I've tried.

The ceremony began, and Aaron joined Evan in the front.

At last it was time for Maggie and the ring bearer, Eli, to come in!

I couldn't get my camera to work very well in church, so the pictures are a little blurry.

I was able to catch a shot of Maggie coming over to me after she walked down the aisle.

She did so awesome!  

Aaron asked her what she was thinking about as she was walking down the aisle.

She replied, "I was thinking about you, Dad!"

Then, Evan's heart kind of melted...

...because, here comes the bride!

And a view of the back of her gorgeous dress!

Aaron did an amazing job with the ceremony!  We've known Evan and Bri for a long time and love them which made the ceremony that much more special.

Aaron was saying nice things about their families which is why they are emotionally looking at the audience.
And, just like that, they were married!


They walked out to the "I Do" by Cobie was perfect!

Just like this!

We hung out in the lobby for a little bit.

Aaron took Gracie home for a nap, as she was exhausted.  We were all out late on Friday night for the rehearsal dinner, and she was late for her nap.

Leah, Maggie, and I headed to a movie at the little theater downtown.  Evan and Bri reserved the theater, and they were showing the movie Up.  We watched it for about an hour before heading for home to join up with Aaron and Gracie to head to the reception.

The reception hall had beautiful gardens which the girls really enjoyed exploring!

They loved the stream

and all the pretty flowers!

We headed in to enjoy the reception.

The girls especially enjoyed the kiddie cocktails!

They also loved their meal!  The reception hall had a kids meal!  Instead of a salad, they got carrots and dip and applesauce, and their meal was chicken nuggets and fries.  So perfect!

After the meal, Maggie headed out for a picture with the bride and groom and ring bearer.

They're so cute with their blonde hair :)

In case you were wondering, I was actually there...just behind the camera most of the time!

Oh, I'll give you a sneak peek of tomorrow's post...

Hmm...come back and check it out!

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