Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello to the Miscellaneous Bits of My Life Lately

Happy Monday! 

Here are a few miscellaneous pictures of what's been going on in our life lately...more specifically this weekend!

We headed to my parents' house this weekend, because we had a wedding in the area, and it was my dad's birthday celebration!

1.  Gracie got to play the marble game with her cousin, Charity.

The marble game is about as classic as fun can get!

Gracie and Charity were so cute together, giggly and chasing each other all around.

2.  We took Maggie to Target to get her a new backpack for school!

We hoped that Target would have a La La Loopsy backpack, but they didn't.  Maggie happily decided on a Minnie Mouse one instead.  You can tell by this picture that her excitement wasn't dampened in the least!

3.  My brother, sister-in-law, and their kids came over for my dad's birthday.  My sister did, too, but we left for the wedding before she got there.

I love how happy all the kids are!  They love their papa!

Aaron and I headed out for the wedding shortly after my dad opened presents.  The wedding was at 1:00 and the reception wasn't until 5:00.

The wedding was wonderful!  Casey and Tracy (the groom and know I love the rhyming bit) were so happy and the ceremony was incredibly Christ honoring with the Gospel very clearly being presented.

4.  We had a good amount of time to kill before the reception, so we went bowling with some friends!  We went bowling last summer between a different wedding and reception, so it's kind of our thing!

I totally didn't think to bring socks.  The bowling alley didn't have any for sale, but the employee assured me that they spray the shoes with Lysol after they are worn each time. 

I'm not going to lie, that wasn't quite enough for me...and I have the luxury of not usually being a germaphobe.  

So, I did what any resourceful girl would do and wrapped my feet in napkins.

Ariana (she's on my right in the picture) was the only one with enough forethought to bring socks.  The rest of us are feeling a little creeped out :)

5.  The reception was awesome!  The food was delicious and the dance was incredibly fun!  Largely because in addition to Aaron's natural athleticism, he is a seriously good dancer!  He has a really good innate sense of rhythm.  I am an awkward dancer...I'd demonstrate my lack of dancing ability if you were in my living room right now, and we'd both laugh a lot. Even though I have zero dance skillz (you like the z there, don't you :)), I have so much fun dancing with Aaron!  

Plus, they gave out glow sticks, so that automatically ups the already high fun factor to off the charts :)

I hope your week is off to a great start...and if it's not, add a glow stick into the mix!  That always lightens things up :)

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