Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh, the Kitchen Scale

I got a kitchen scale last week!  I'm going to try making macarons for Gracie's birthday, and you need a kitchen scale for the recipe.  I figured I would be able to use it for lots of other things, too!

I was really excited!

It could be argued that I was too excited.

Is that even possible?

Please don't answer that hypothetical question.

I was weighing my phone, the camera, some name it!  If it was seemingly less than 12 kg, I weighed it.

Gracie was napping, but Leah and Maggie saw what I was doing and joined the fun!

They weighed a book!

This house is full of Charlie the Ranch Dog fans!
And then a bunch of other things!

1.  Doll (clothes on...dolls don't care about their weight like grownups do)
2.  Lalaloopsy Doll.  I believe that's Toffee Cocoa Cuddles.  The ceiling fan was not included in the weighing.
4.  Water Bottle.  Another tricky one.  The weight changes when you (wait for it) take a drink.

Then, I introduced Leah to the tare feature.

She was pumped!

Here's the reading on the scale.

Whoa.  40.25 ounces.  

Then, Leah wanted to weigh her hand.

I tried explaining the whole pressure and weighing things thing, but I am neither mathematician nor scientist.

Maggie weighed her hand, too!

And, no, we didn't chart or graph or measurements...not yet anyway!

So, if the girls turn out to be nerdy, I feel like we can look back to this moment and point the finger of blame at me.

But, if they turn out to be witty and charming, I'll take the blame for that, too ;)

Hey!  Weigh something's actually really fun!

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