Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Super Cute Beach Ball Garland

I happened upon this idea a few weeks ago and thought it was perfect for coloring things up a bit!

Here's what you need!

I thought it might be okay to use a glue stick for this, but I wouldn't.  Totally use the double sided tape.

My mom gave me a 1 inch hole punch a while ago, so I used that to cut out the circles.  These would be cute with circles that are a little bit bigger, too...maybe 1 and 1/2 inch.

Here's what to do using the magic of pictures :)

See...super easy!  (On a side note, I took those pictures on a pillow without a case :))

Leah could totally do it!

You just repeat the steps over and over again until you have as many as you want!

This would be an easy and fun way to infuse the color theme for a party.  Plus, I think this garland would make for some fun layering with other garlands!

It would also be super fun to make with glittery paper to spruce up a mantle around Christmas time!

You can move the little beach balls around on the string so you can easily adjust the spacing.  

I'm a fan of that kind of flexibility!

Give this a try and add a little fun to your space!

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