Monday, August 12, 2013

Saturday was a Happy Day!

We had a fun filled Saturday!  

We started out by heading to an awesome farmers' market!

I got some yellow, mini tomatoes, the World's Best English Muffins (recipe using them will be up on Tuesday), fancy popcorn, and sno cones for the girls!

I realize that farmers do not grow nor sell sno cones, but they are still very fun and delicious to little girls!

After the farmers' market, we went to my favorite park for a picnic.

The girl checked out the river while I was setting up the picnic.

Oh, look!  It's all my favorites in the same spot!

The girls were incredibly excited by the caramel apple popcorn we had!

You  can tell Gracie is literally very focused on her popcorn!

We took a quick potty break before we headed to the playground.

Is it weird that I took a picture of a toilet?

Why, yes it is!  

But, I didn't really know how to articulate just how weird it was.  There was no cover and the seat was like built into the base/bowl/thinger.  Not to mention it was rusty.

Did I let on to the girls that it was weird?

I certainly did not!  I was all, "Hey girls!  Check out this cool toilet!  It's so awesome that it's silver!  I love sitting on a freezing cold's so refreshing and invigorating!"

Did they buy it?

No, they did not.

Oh well, it's better than a port-o-potty any day!

After the somewhat traumatizing bathroom experience, we headed to the playground.

Aaron was multitasking with Maggie and Gracie,

while Leah and I hung out in a different spot.

After Maggie and Gracie had swung their little hearts out, they joined us!

Then it was time to head to a play!  

The girls were beyond impressed by the glass elevator in the parking garage.

It may have been their favorite part of the day!

We found our seats (in the balcony...super exciting) and settled in to watch Annie!

Leah and Maggie LOVED it!

Gracie loved it for about an hour.  After that, we placated her by feeding her Skittles.  

Whatever it takes, right?!

On a side note, I would have loved to name a daughter Anne and call her Annie, but the odds of a red head who would actually look like Anne of Green Gables or Little Orphan Annie were too good. 

We had such a fun and full day, as evidenced by this on the way home.

I'd say that's the mark of a great day!

I hope your week is off to an invigorating start ;)

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