Friday, August 23, 2013

Shrinky Dinks!

Happy Friday, Friends!

Aaron has been out of town since Wednesday, and he's coming home this afternoon!  We're awfully excited!

He's visiting Southeastern Seminary in North Carolina with a pastor friend to recruit church planters to our area.  It's been fun explaining what church planting is to the girls and see Leah grasp what that is!

We've kept pretty busy, so that's good!  The only bad thing is that I was pouring boiling pasta water out of a pot and accidentally poured some on my fingers (I was making this...SO delicious).  A HUGE blister formed (and recently deflated...ew).  Better me than one of the girls, though, that's for sure!

What's one of the ways we kept busy?  I reached back into my camp counselor days and pulled out some shrinky dinks!  Leah got a shrinky dink kit for Christmas, and I set it aside for a time like this!

The girls had lots of fun!  The kit came with the big paper you see there.  It's full of pictures to trace!

I actually let Gracie use sharpies which surprisingly didn't backfire on me!

I made little game pieces.  I've written before about the drama of choosing game pieces, so I'm thinking having their own personalized game piece might cut down on some of the aforementioned drama.  We shall see :)

Here's the rest of our handiwork!

Leah is going to make her shrinky dinks into zipper tag/backpack decorations.  I might try to seal them so the decorations don't rub off.  

The rest of today will be spent on finishing up birthday party preparations for Gracie's party on Saturday.  It's my goal to have as much done ahead of time as possible!  

I'm excited for what I have planned for the blog next week!  Gracie's birthday post will be up on Monday, and the rest of the week will be all about back to school! 

I'm writing about:

  • why I'm happy to send our girls to our public school.
  • how to develop a good relationship with your child's teacher.
  • 4 easy and balanced after school snacks.
  • LICE!!!  Treatment and prevention.  Yeah, we had it.  Yeah, it was awful.  Let me help you :)

Be sure to stop back next week!

Oh, if you have some time, check out this online conversation I had with Moriah!  And please ignore how weird my eyes look :)

Happy weekend!

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