Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello to the little bits of happy parts of my life!

Hello Unexpected Picture that I Didn't Take!

Sometimes I let Leah take pictures with my camera, and apparently she thinks Maggie is awfully cute, too!

Hello Fun Weekend with Friends!

I read this post and knew I needed to start a journal for the times we entertain friends.  I wish I had started this 8 years ago when we got married, but better late than never...right!?

I was keeping my eye out for the perfect journal to use for my "entertaining journal," but I couldn't find anything just perfect.  I finally realized that I could just use what I had and that would be just fine.  Perfect can be overrated!

In the interest of not being perfect, I forgot I had the journal for over a month, so I missed recording a lot of things.  But, I just picked up where I left off.  The point isn't recording every little thing; the point is recording our memories with our friends and having something to enjoy looking back on in the future.

Hello Getting Ready for a Talk!

I'm reading Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung in preparation for a talk I'm doing at InterVarsity on Thursday night.  It's an easy read with lots of good information.  

Hello Favorite Hipster!

I got Leah these hipster glasses at the dollar spot at Target.  She calls them her "hipsy" glasses.  I told her that the term was hipster, but she said she liked hipsy better.

That's my girl!

Hello Sentimental Card I Found Cleaning Out the Desk!

I'm only sorry you can't hear Michael Scott talking like I can when I open the card :)

The significance of this card is that this is the way we decided on Maggie's name!  We narrowed it down to Maggie and Laura and I left it up to Aaron to make the final decision.  I remember where we were on the road when I read the sentence about raising Leah and Maggie together.  So sweet!

Hello Lunch!

I could eat these Turkey Spring Rolls with Soy Ginger Dressing for lunch for the rest of my life and never get tired of them. 

I don't think I'm exaggerating...they are ahhhhhhh-mazing!

Hello Spring?

Spring officially starts on the 20th, so we'll see if we still have snow on the ground!  As long as the snow doesn't melt into our basement, I'm fine with it :)

Hello Lap Full of Goodness!

Do you ever feel like God heaps your life so full of goodness and blessing?  Because, let me tell you, the Dora cash register is a hot commodity at our house, and Maggie put it in her lap.  That's sisterly love around these parts!

I hope your day is heaped full of the goodness and blessings that come from Jesus!

I only link to other blogs if it's something I'd write about anyway and today is one of those times!  I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard :)

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  1. love this! that snow picture? oh i so relate! ;) stopping by from lisa leonard's hello monday link up. sharing mine as well this week! :)