Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Day Recap

Leah had a snow day on Tuesday!  

I actually knew about it this time, so that's always good :)

I don't mind all the snow.  I know some people are sick of it, which I understand, but, my non-scientific analysis of this weather makes me hopeful that summer won't be hotter than sin.

I don't know what hotter than sin is, but in my mind that means really, reeeeeally hot!

Last winter was mild and summer was horrifying, so I'm being optimistic that our very cold and winter-y winter will give us a pleasant summer.

A girl can hope, right?!

The day started out with the girls getting out of bed.  

Did they sleep in?


That would be a big ol' no.

But, they did bring out blankets and pillows and make pretend beds on the couches!

Leah is showing me that her headband can make the letter "c".

Next up was a really yummy breakfast!

Baked French Toast Sticks from Iowa Girl Eats.

Make them now and thank me later :)

After that, they played with Duplo Blocks, La La Loopsy Girls, Pretty Ponies, and game pieces of themselves.

They each have a really great imagination, which I just love!

Then it was bath time for the little girls.

Leah got to play on the iTouch while I bathed her sisters.  They all like to be in the bathroom at the same time when one of their sisters is being bathed, which can be a tiny bit stressful for me, so I try to keep the non-bathing beauty occupied with something else.

It's also super fun to look at all the snow outside and watch the squirrels jump through it!

We live on a dead end and didn't get plowed all day.  Good thing Aaron can work from home!

The real fun began next with the Fancy Nancy Game!

Even though we have all girls, I don't really get into the princess thing, but I LOVE Fancy Nancy!  We were at Menards on Saturday and they had this game on clearance for $5.99 (probably left over from Christmas time), so we picked it up.  It has been so much fun and really easy.  All of the girls enjoy it.  Gracie and I are always on a team together so I can keep the game moving along :)

After we put the game away, I read them a chapter of a Ramona book.

I love Ramona books!  I remember where I sat in the library at my elementary school when I read them.  I feel like Ramona is an older, sweeter version of Junie B. Jones.  

I like Junie B., but I LOVE Ramona!

While I was getting lunch ready, they played fetch.

Leah is the dog.  It's always pretty amusing to me that they like to play fetch because they are terrified of dogs.

After they ate lunch, I let them dunk Oreos in their milk.

I don't usually let them dunk cookies in milk, because it usually ends in spilling or someone playing in their milk and then someone cries.

I'm happy to report there were no incidents and nobody cried.


Maggie got to have a turn with the iTouch after lunch.

She's laying on Gracie's quilt.  I made each of the girls quilts for Christmas.  It was really stressful at the time, but I'm SO glad I did it!  This is the back side of the quilt, which I think I like better than the front (I do really like the front, though).  It is made up of my favorite fabrics.  So bright and cheerful!

While the little girls napped (shhhh, don't tell Maggie that I referred to her as a little girl twice in this post), I let Leah paint.

Beezus painted in the chapter we read in our book, so Leah did some wonderful, imaginative painting, too.  She is one really creative little girl!  (She just got out of bed and was reading over my shoulder.  She said, "Why did you say I'm little?"  Hence the cross out :))

After Maggie and Gracie got up from their naps, Aaron took them all outside to play!

They enjoyed some hot chocolate when they got back in, but I didn't take a picture of that.  Oops!

It was a great, great snow day!

Have a super weekend!

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