Friday, March 22, 2013

Saturday with Friends and a Shower (the party kind :))

One of the best things that has come from Aaron having worked with college students are the friendships.  

I love that the ladies I met with are my friends.  I love how they love our girls and how our girls love them.

I love seeing them marry wonderful men and being able to celebrate these wonderful milestones in life!

Saturday was Steph's bridal shower.  Leah and Maggie got to come, too.  I didn't think that a bridal shower would be an environment that Gracie would excel in at this point :)

We had brunch at the shower which involved many of Steph's favorite breakfast foods.

I brought blueberry muffins.

We played some fun games, and Maggie went to the bathroom about once every 5 minutes.  I'm not really sure what she was doing in there, but she was happy, so that's always good :)

After that Steph opened gifts.

My go-to shower gift is a personalized pan!

My mother-in-law got me one for Christmas probably 3 years ago, and I love it!  It's really handy for pot lucks as it's obviously already labeled.  

It's super fun for a bride to be to see her future name on something :)  I order these from That's My Pan.  Their shipping is a lot faster than it says on their website which is a huge perk for a procrastinator like me!

Here's a picture of me and Steph!

Isn't she so pretty!?!  After she and Andy get married they are going to live in town while Andy finishes his last semester of school.  I'm excited that we'll get to spend more time with them!

Here's me and Becca, the shower planning extraordinaire!

Becca and her husband live in Missouri!  We're hoping to get down to visit them this summer!  Fun Fact: Becca and I are the same Myers Briggs personality :)

Jenny and her husband, John, came to our house for the day so that Jenny could ride with me and the girls to the shower!

Gracie loved hanging out with Aaron and John while we were gone!  I was afraid that she'd feel left out, being the only sister not going to the shower.  But, Aaron said that she was in all her glory being the only kid...showing off and being silly!

It was so good to spend time catching up with Jenny!  She is having their first baby in August and I'm so excited to for them to be parents; they will be so amazing.  Jenny and John have such huge hearts and love people really well.

The day was full and fun...perhaps a little too full for Leah.  


I may have let her eat too much candy at the shower.  I figured I'd let her and Maggie eat the Hershey's Kisses that were on the table and, well, I just said yes to some food choices that might have been too much for her tummy. 

It was kind of a carb overload for her (I'm usually good about keeping her food pretty well balanced).  She was just not feeling well.

And sometimes when you're not feeling well, you need your mom.

We talked about carbs, and school, and House Hunters, and books and lots of other little things.

I'd never want one of the girls to be sick, but cuddling and talking about a whole lot of nothing before bed isn't a bad way to end a wonderful day...

...not bad at all!

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