Thursday, March 28, 2013


We find stuff in the most random spots sometimes and we say, "Well, obviously we put that in this totally random spot."

Har-dee-har-har...we crack ourselves up :)

Here are a few examples!

In Maggie's defense, the water and ice dispenser doesn't work, so as far as she's concerned, this is the perfect little cubby for a camera!

We found the sweater in the potty chair before we started potty training.

We have since abandoned the potty training.

I don't think Gracie was quite ready.

Neither was I.

I'm actually fine with giving it up for now, and I'm fine with the fact that it didn't go perfectly.

This is growth, my friends.  Growth!

Anyway, where else would a girl keep her blanket?

Obviously on the towel rack in the bathroom.

Lastly, I couldn't find my Bible.  It was in the living room when I was working on a talk and the girls were looking at it.

I didn't want to be the mom who says, "Hey, kids, stop looking at the Bible."  I mean, I want God's Word to be accessible to them and a normal thing, even if my Bible isn't the most age appropriate one.

Buuuuut, then I couldn't find it.

Until we were playing in the basement...

...where it was in the trunk of the Little Tykes car.

Obviously ;)

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