Sunday, July 14, 2013

Coming Home

I am interrupting the previously scheduled "Because summer should be fun" series post with an update of cuteness!

We are in Kansas City right now visiting with our friends, Ryan and Becca.  We are having such a wonderful time!

Leah said some reeeeally cute things on our way to KCMO (oh, you know, that's what all the cool kids call Kansas City, Missouri).

  • As we were driving through rural America, Leah said, "When we drive in the country, I wonder where 3 people live."  I asked, "Who?"  Leah replied, "Katherine in my class lives in the country and so does Mary Ann.  But, I also wonder where The Pioneer Woman lives."  Kind of like PW is her personal friend :)  So cute!
  • We kept driving (and driving and driving and driving) through more rural America and Leah said, "Do Ryan and Becca live in the USA?"  There's no way you could still be in America after driving for 6 and 1/2 hours!
  • When we were driving over 1 of the bridges into KC, Leah looked over and saw another bridge and asked, "Mom!  Is that the London Bridge?"  I considered going into the whole London-Bridge-isn't-even-in-London-but-really-in-Arizona thing but figured that would just confuse things :)  I settled for just telling her it wasn't the London Bridge!
Maggie had a super sweet comment as we were walking to Ryan and Becca's church this morning!

We were walking and holding hands, and Maggie looked down at the cracks in the sidewalk.

She stopped abruptly and exclaimed, "MOM!!!  LOOK!  There's an X cross on the sidewalk!  ...they have everything in Kansas City!"

I love her guileless astonishment about common things in life.

We'd love your prayers as we drive home.  Leah and Maggie generally do pretty well in the car, but Gracie can be hit or miss when it comes to pleasant car ride behavior.  But, who are we kidding, we can all use prayers in that, too!

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