Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jesus is...The Good Shepherd

A couple weeks ago, I shared my plan for helping the girls memorize Bible verses and basic truths about Jesus.  

I mentioned that I wanted to have an activity or something to go with each week, but I just hadn't been able to pull anything together.

Enter:  My Mom.

You need to that my mom (aka Nana or The Secret Weapon) is pretty much a walking Vacation Bible School.  She is beyond creative and crafty and is so amazing with kids.  I'm pretty sure our girls would do anything for her...hence being The Secret Weapon.

I posted about Mommy's Jesus Catechism on a Wednesday and we went to their house the next day and she handed me a packet full of activities to go with each week!  

See what I mean?  She's amazing...without even trying!

We are making these!

So, yeah, you don't need much for this activity!

Just some...

  • Paper (I used colored paper because I had it, but just use what you have)
  • Pencil (to trace hands)
  • Scissors (to cut out the hand)
  • Glue (to glue the cotton balls to their hand)
  • Cotton Balls
I had the jumbo cotton balls, so I cut them.  I feel like Gracie's little sheep would have only had room for 4 cotton balls and wanted to have the sheep filled in a bit more.

I traced their hands.

Maggie was really excited to have me trace her hand :)

I also noticed how long their fingernails were.  Yikes!  So, yep, we clipped fingernails when we were done with our craft.

Then, we cut the hands out.  

Well, Leah cut out her hand and I cut out Maggie's and Gracie's.

Glue the cotton balls on the palm part of the hand.

I put the white glue in the bottom of a cut off dixie cup, so they could dip the cotton ball in there.  Next time, I would just spread the glue on the paper hand and just top with cotton balls...way easier.

I also laid some wax paper on the table to keep it clean.  It was super easy to just crumple up the wax paper and toss it in the garbage when we were done!

Here's Leah with the finished product!

I would have used one of those googly eye thingers if we had one around, but we didn't.  I just drew the eye, nose, and mouth by hand.  

And, yes, it really looks drawn by an unartistic hand, but that's okay!

Doesn't the little flock look cute hanging out on the chalkboard?

Even though sheep are pink, blue, and purple in real life, I enjoy the splash of color.

I also enjoy the fact that the longer the fingers, the more the sheep look like Imperial Walkers :)

See what I mean?

Have a great day!

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