Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Fort Time

Oh, friends, it's been a week...a good week!  But, a busy week nonetheless.  

I didn't post yesterday because doing so would have stressed me out.  

And I don't want blogging to stress me out!

So, I'm back...the world can go on turning ;)

Anyway, here's an activity that isn't rocket science.  

Is rocket science even fun?

Maybe it rocket scientists, but I'm not that smart.

I feel like making forts is so obvious that it almost doesn't even count as an activity idea.

But, here's the thing.  Sometimes I get all perfectionist-y with stuff like this.

I think that the fort has to have like different rooms, 

a heating and cooling system, 

indoor plumbing, 

and a pantry.

When all you really need is a couple of chairs and a blanket/quilt.

A little room service never hurt, either!

Have a great weekend!

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