Friday, July 12, 2013

Simply Splashy

My parents have a pool.  

Leah love love double loves the pool!

Maggie and Gracie like to look at it...maybe dip their feet in.

But actually swimming in it?

Let's not get crazy here, folks.  That isn't happening.

What do they love the most?

Playing in buckets and baby bathtubs full of water on the deck next to the actual pool, of course!

Enter our little activity.

Ah, yes, Simply Splashy!  The alliteration nerd in me feels really happy about that :)

I glanced at a pin a while ago that had this general activity idea in it, so if you've seen it before, let me know and I'd be happy to give them credit!

All you need is a pan or a tub or something to hold water and a die.

On a side note, do you like my ghetto pan?  I think this pan predates me actually knowing Aaron.

Moving on...I used a die that had colors on it: 3 sides are green, 2 sides are yellow, and 1 side is red.

I got it from this game: 

You can certainly use a regular die.

Are you ready for the really intense directions?  You'd better write this down ;)

Have the children gather around the pan of water.

Then take turns shaking the die.  When a green side comes up (or whatever your predetermined number(s) is), the person who shook it gets to splash themselves with the water in the pan for 10 seconds.

They can even get wild!

You go girl!  Pour that water all over yourself!

Once this game got old, we pulled out a bunch of Pretty Ponies, and they washed the living daylights out of them!

They were playing SO nicely,

that I took a few minutes to read!

You need to know how much I love John Grisham books.  

I love them like bees love honey.

I love them like little girls love sparkles.

I love them like mommies love nap time.

So, yeah, that's a lot!

Anyway, Leah enjoyed splashing the bubbles around and giving herself bubble freckles.

After a while, we even took a little freezy pop break!

I love how it looks like Gracie is offering to share, and Maggie is pretty intensely involved in enjoying her treat!

Simply playing with water on the deck was a really fun, almost relaxing way to spend the morning...even if I was refilling the water buckets a lot!

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See what I mean?  It would look great anywhere!

Have a happy weekend!

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