Friday, July 5, 2013

"Wash" the Car

If you read the title of this post, you'll notice that I put "wash" in quotation marks.

That's because when you have your kids wash your car, you can't really expect them to actually clean it.

And, to be blunt, you kind of want them to "wash" a car that's on the cleaner end of the spectrum.

Because as they're "washing" the car, they might do things like put the washcloth on their head!

So, yeah, starting with a clean vehicle is probably a good idea!

You don't need much at all for this...just some washcloths and buckets of soapy water.

It's also good to invite a friend over to help, of course!

Will and Maggie look like they could be sister and brother.

They are such cute little blondies!

There's just something about water that makes kids happy!

And it apparently makes them want to work together :)

Maggie was in all her adorable, hard working glory!

And, I know this picture was in with the other kids when they each had a washcloth on their head, but it is too precious not to show by itself.

I mean, look at her...she is adorable!

Oh, and there was something about playing with water that brought this look out from Gracie...


and again!

She cracks me right up!

Oh, and like all ideas that are brilliant in their simplicity, Aaron was the first one who let the girls wash the car.  That guy's a genius!

If things are slow around your place this weekend, just let your kids wash the car!

But make sure it's clean first :)

Have a happy weekend!

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