Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do Something a Little Different

It's been hotter than sin around these parts lately.  

I mean, hot hot hot.  

So hot that I actually went down the water slide at the pool last night.

3 times.

Anyway, we didn't go outside yesterday, because it was stifling.  It was kind of like a rainy day, but without the rain, you know?!

Moving on...

We have a "little kitchen" in our kitchen.

It is usually piled high with clutter.  Aaron cleaned much of it off the other night.

The girls always want to move the little kitchen so they can use the window as a drive thru.  Usually I panic at the thought of all of the stuff falling off the top.  So, with the top being easy to clear off, I, well, cleared it off!

I pushed the kitchen table up against the wall and moved the little kitchen into the middle of the kitchen so the girls could use both sides. 

They loved it!

Plus, I brought a big outside toy into the living room!  

The little store usually stays in the garage.  We'll probably put it in the basement when the weather gets cold and we reclaim the garage for the minivan instead of having it full of bikes and summer-y things.

The girls had quite the little set up going with a store and a restaurant. 

I got to be the customer a lot which was very fun.  The girls are really cute when they act all professional :)

The one downside is that this is what the kitchen looked like when Aaron came home for lunch!

You can't tell very well in the above picture, but the girls each have a bed set up in the kitchen, too.

This one is Gracie's.

It actually looks quite cozy there with the dolls and stuffed animals and...drum?

So, yeah, the kitchen was pretty much out of control.

Aaron loved seeing how much fun we were having and suggested that we have a lunch picnic in the living room.

We were happy to comply!

Every now and then it's a good idea to mix things up a bit!

I'm sure glad that we did!

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